Kinder-news:: Fanning banned from Traumatot Award!


 DAKOTA FANNING (pictured above, in the guise of fellow diva MARIE ANTOINETTE) once eligible for the coveted TRAUMATOT AWARD due to her age and penchant for roles that require heavy screaming and emotional breakdowns, has been banned from any such future victory due to rumors circling about her DISSING CANCER PATIENTS. Heavy campaigning from the Fanning camp has reportedly fallen on deaf ears. An anonymous Kindertrauma spokesperson advised that Miss Fanning and “others like her” observe PAST TRAUMATOT AWARD RECIPIENTS for examples on proper child star etiquette but refused to reveal if the ban in question would be life-long. Wether this decision could damage younger sibling ELLE FANNING‘s chance at glory has also yet to be determined.       

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14 years ago

Ouch! Harsh.

Still, everybody says stupid things when they’re kids. Let’s hope that when and if age gives her a little wisdom, she’ll realize what a craptacular thing that was to say and will feel suitably ashamed.