Kinder News:: Me Heart Superjail!

Because I have fashioned my lifestyle to resemble that of BAD RONALD I count on you kids out there to keep me up to date about what’s going on in society. So hows come nobody ever gave me a ring on the horn to tell me that I have a new favorite cartoon style T.V. program named SUPERJAIL? Thankfully I heard two gossipy neighbor ladies whispering about it over the clothesline the other day (actually, my pal Mattito Lauttito gets the undying gratitude.) otherwise I’d still be in the dark!

For those somehow less in the know than myself, SUPERJAIL is one of them Adult Swim thingamabobs. The animation is wondrous, bouncing between LINDA BARRY primitive (check out Alice’s buck teeth.) to elaborate and surreal BOSCHIAN landscapes. The best part is that SUPERJAIL is the most violent and twisted thing you have ever seen. It’s not all guts and gore though, there is a trippy WILLY WONKA attitude that will leave your head spinning. The more you watch the more you love! Wet your whistle with the clip below than check out full episodes of the bestest show ever created that does not involve vampires HERE

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12 years ago

ZOMG this is one of my favorite-est things on teevee right now!  While I feel like I don’t do enough drugs to enjoy the majority of Adult Swim’s offerings, SUPERJAIL is a thing of splendid beauty.  It’s so detailed that each episode merits several re-watches.  Awesome stuff, Unk!

12 years ago

I got into this show over the winter and cannot count the number of re-runs I have seen since then. Really looking forward to new episodes to air whenever that will be!
My favorite part of the show is  the beginning when the escapee is captured and then flown back to Superjail. There is always something new and crazy going on in the world underneath the prisoner which makes every episode’s beginning so original! There are zombie outbreaks, demonic sacrifices, you name it!

12 years ago

I also love this show. It’s so zany an ADD-ridden that I can’t help but be entertained for the whole 15 minutes, plus the ultraviolent nature of it doesn’t hurt.

Blue Seven
Blue Seven
12 years ago

Superjail is completely awesome.  The episode with the self-help guru is so freaky that no drugs are required.  I love this show.