Name That Trauma :: Reader Baron Exu on a Bloody Bathroom

Greetings Kindertrauma!

O.K., I have searched out and found nearly every horror film I vaguely remembered from my childhood, except one. One that actually scared me into leaving the drive-in when I was about 12; the year I saw it would have been sometime in the mid-to-late seventies. It had a very gothic atmosphere to it and may have been a dubbed Italian movie.

Anyways here is all I can remember since I didn’t see the whole movie:

  • It starts off with a woman arriving at night during a storm to a big scary mansion/castle.
  • There is a very vicious dog barking and a malevolent atmosphere.
  • Later there is a scene where the young woman finds her doll (ragdoll?) in her bed with a knife stuck in its stomach.
  • And the last scene I can recall is the woman going into the bathroom where blood is pouring out of the bathtub faucet and someone slowly rises covered in blood from the blood filled bathtub.

Now I realize the last scene is very much like THE TINGLER, but that is not it.

I really hope some out there can help me figure out this movie’s title, it has driven me crazy for a long time.

Thanks in advance,

Baron Exu

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Derek Obrien
12 years ago

The last scene described sounds very much like the end toΒ Les Diaboliques (1955), though admittedly it’s been ages since I last saw it.
Youtube has the ending to it:

12 years ago

Try “This house possessed” from 1981. It has the rag doll and a blood soaked woman in a bathroom.
I haven’t seen it. Just pictures.
Hope that helps!

12 years ago

Hi, finally found my password. πŸ™‚
Thanks for the replies, however it is neither Les Diaboliques or This House Possessed.
Regards Exu

12 years ago

Some parts of your description sound as thought it could be ‘Suspiria’ but other aspects of it are throwing me off.

Drew Bludd
Drew Bludd
10 years ago

I found a page on The Horror Digest that runs down bathtub scenes in scary movies.

But I’m not sure yours is on it.