Robert Culp In Spectre!

ROBERT CULP passed away yesterday at the age of 79. Although he gained notoriety for his work alongside BILL COSBY in I SPY, most of my generation may more fondly recall his presence in THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO where he partnered up with WILLIAM KATT (CARRIE, HOUSE). CULP also appeared in the classic HARLAN ELLISON penned episode of THE OUTER LIMITSThe Glass Hand” and the (kindertraumatic) television pilot SPECTRE. Produced by GENE RODDENBERRY, SPECTRE starred CULP as William Sebastion an occult detective who travels to England to uncover a satanic cult. Much as in the case of 1973’s THE NORLISS TAPES, SPECTRE left a lasting impression on those who caught it on television regardless of the fact that it failed to go to series. (Interestingly, in England, SPECTRE, with the help of a few added scenes of nudity, played theaters.)

HEADS UP: I’m not sure how long it will be there but currently you can catch SPECTRE on YouTube HERE. Why not honor this beloved actor’s passing by checking it out. Besides spying a young JOHN HURT (ALIEN), you’ll also notice that the relationship between CULP‘s Sebastian and GIG YOUNG’s Dr. Ham Hamilton not only tips a hat toward Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson, but paves some road for the future Mulder & Scully!

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Father Merrin
Father Merrin
12 years ago

I loved “Spectre”. The local CBS affiliate, owned by the Mormon church, wouldn’t show it until after 10:30 pm. (They did the same thing a few years later with the first broadcast of  “The Exorcist”.)  I managed to talk my grandparents into letting me stay up and watch it. I ended up watching it alone, late at night, with all the lights turned out; a truly creepy experience. And it still holds up years later. I try never to miss it when it turns up on the Dish.

12 years ago

You forgot to mention his long lost ghost story with Samantha Eggar called “A Name For Evil”. He also bared all in that role!

Criminally Unknown
12 years ago

AMC has been known to show the GOOD Name For Evil/ The Grove cut.  You can tell which one your watching, if it still has the opening sci-fi city elements intact. Also, when Culp sits down on the edge of the bed and does a little monologue to Samantha Eggar….. if there are superimposed dancin naked ladies over the last half of that speech.. you’re watch the wrong/bad version 🙁