Sunday Viewing:: The Old Dark House (1932)

I'm cleaning off my desktop. There are dozens and dozens of posts I never finished all over the place. Here's a scrap about THE OLD DARK HOUSE....

"JAMES WHALES‘ THE OLD DARK HOUSE (1932) is officially horror comfort viewing for me. It may not be the director of FRANKENSTEIN and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN's greatest work but I'm thinking it may be my first pick of his to take to a desert island with me. When it calls my name, it's like a little prayer and it feels like home! Which is odd because it's not like I grew up with it, it was considered lost forever and I believe debuted on VHS for the first time back in 2000. Since then I think I've watched it on a nearly yearly basis because it makes me feel as snug as a bug in a rug for some reason."

And that's as far as I got. I didn't know what else to say. When we moved into our new home I christened the place with my VHS copy of this baby. I love the atmosphere, the characters, the humor, the underling dread of madness and decrepitude and the incredibly corny and unrealistic love story it has the nerve to try to pull off. Check out the scene where the old crone curses the pretty young girl that one day she too will be old. How right she is! That young lady is GLORIA STUART who ended up being the old lady in TITANIC! Anyway, I guess I've just been more in the mood for watching things than yacking about them lately and that's why my desktop is such a mess. You could and should watch THE OLD DARK HOUSE below. The picture on YouTube is so much better than my tape and it's perfect for getting ready for Halloween...

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9 years ago

I love this one too, Unkle! Perhaps I need to watch it today. Thanks for reminding me that it is lurking amongst my other DVDs.

Caffeinated Joe
9 years ago

A classic creepy movie, the atmosphere is really what makes it perfect.