Traumafession:: Jim C. on The Michelin Man

The Michelin Man!
My dad worked for Brockway trucks is the early 70’s so whenever there was a truck show in town he would take me to see the big rigs. Naturally that fucking tower of squashed marshmallows was always there dancing around and just waiting for the moment he could find me alone and eat me! I don’t care what anyone says. That white fucker was scary!

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26 days ago

My theory. The Michelin Man tried to eat the wrong the kid and the kid clawed the Michelin Man’s eyes out to get away. The Mchelin Man, now devoid of eyes and unable to find more children to devour, lost weight so fast his skin hangs from his bones. Plot twist: The now deflated Michelin Man is the Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

26 days ago

This is also why chasing Ofelia made the Pale Man “tired”, (rimshot)

19 days ago

Holy Smokes Unk! The Michelin nightmare patrol!

It does look like some pretty good body armor though….

My Kinder-Mascot mix-up was “Mr. Clean”. I actually thought it was a depiction of God (The Judeo-Christian one). Why? No idea. Imagine my consternation in elementary school when other kids described God as this old man with a long beard. I scoffed at their feeble “god”, noting that my version (a 6’5″ muscular, bald genie) could break theirs in half over his knee.