Traumafessions :: Reader M. on Arnold plus a Tin Can Name That Trauma!

Other than real life boarding school there were 2 films that traumatised me, firstly the 1970s film ARNOLD (not good to watch at the age of eight) and secondly a film that I cannot source. Perhaps you know what it is called:

I saw parts of it by accident as a child – so my memory is a bit vague I’m afraid. Someone was being kept alive under the earth (hot country/dusty ground) and they could communicate/be fed through what looked like open ended tin can pipes. You never really saw the person underground, only glimpses of them. He/she seemed to have no hair and was very dirty. I think the person could crawl through different tunnels to different tin cans??

Someone used to visit the person underground and drove a pick up truck. Occasionally the camera would look down one of the tin pipes and you would catch glimpses of a frightened eye looking up, most likely a woman.

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Nathan Arms
10 years ago

Sounds a bit like The Longest Night. Except the victim was confined to a makeshift coffin with lights, fans, and an air supply and everything ran off a battery. I believe there was also some sort of speaker system that allowed the kidnapper above ground to communicate with the victim.