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TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Alan on Slim Goodbody

May 23rd, 2008 by aunt john · 8 Comments

slim goodbody

As if his Bob Ross perm wasn’t frightening enough, Slim Goodbody just had to wear that body stocking with all of the organs, veins, tendons and muscles graphically painted all over it. He really gave me the creeps the first time I came across him when I was home sick from first grade. He still creeps me out just thinking about him all these years later. I guess that’s why I was never a big fan of exercising and nutrition. If that’s what a “good body” is supposed to look like, no thanks!

Aunt John & Unkle Lancifer sez: Thanks Alan for the great TRAUMAFESSION, and congratulations to Slim Goodbody for beating out multiple decapitations, rotting corpses, and BONNIE FRANKLIN to become the most repulsive image ever posted on Kindertrauma! And with no disrespect to Alan, we have to admit to being huge fans of Slim‘s work with his curiously named jug-band The Fruit Packers Pickers:

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Jeff Allard
12 years ago

Oh my God – what a great Traumafession!! What a truly bizarre kid’s TV character this was.

12 years ago

Yeah, I remember that guy! Not FONDLY….but I remember him!

12 years ago

I must protest the Bonnie hair comment. BF’s hair was sassy-n-smart. Proclaiming “I can do it!,” whilst also showing a love of setting lotion and all things sherbert. Go on Ms. Romano, break that glass ceiling!

unkle lancifer
12 years ago

Oh really CWP, the only glass Bonnie’s gonna break is in the mirror!

12 years ago

Im speechless. Just speechless….

12 years ago

True Fact: Slim Goodbody appeared LIVE at my dear Domestic Partner’s Middle School. If that seems tantamount to throwing Slim to the wolves–it *was*. To hear the Baron tell the tale, Mr. Goodbody wound up storming off the stage, never to return. Still no word on the relative terrifyingness of Slim Goodbody in person…

12 years ago

My wife was sitting here reading over my shoulder and said “you know who really creeped me out?  That guy who had no skin.”  I knew it was here, so I just sent her nightmares spiraling tonight about Slim Goodbody.

11 years ago

Is it just me, or does he remind anyone of Leo Sayer?