Traumafessions :: Reader Barry on an Aussie AIDS P.S.A.

Hi all. Love the site. I have one traumafession I would like to share. It’s a ghoulish P.S.A. with haunting imagery that has stuck with me for years.

I was watching Entertainment Tonight when it came on, back in ’87. It takes place in a giant bowling alley where human bowling pins are lowered down. Then a eerie, macabre-looking Father Death grips a giant bowling ball, and knocks them all down!

Only one “pin” is left standing: a terrified mother holding a little girl in her arms. So Death flings another ball to pick up the spare.

Meanwhile a voiceover is prophesizing certain doom: “It could kill more Australians than WORLD WAR II!!!”

Luckily I was in my teens at the time, so I wasn’t too scared. But I remember thinking, “Wow, this is pretty grim stuff!” For the chilling final shot, the camera pulls back revealing dozens of Grim Reapers hurling bowling balls, with lanes stretching out to infinity.

I think it was pulled shortly after broadcast. But here is the clip…

Keep up the good work guys!


UNK SEZ: Thanks for the grim traumafession Barry! You’ve got a partner in misery with reader Rexx who joins you in your anguish over HERE!

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11 years ago

So… wait… you can catch AIDS off of bowling balls?

unkle lancifer
11 years ago

AIDS started because our government decided to experiment on bowling balls to see if they could make them roll faster by splicing bowling ball DNA with monkey venom. It’s a fact!