Traumafessions :: Reader Brian Katcher on The Incredible Shrinking Woman

My students laugh at me about this, but this was the most terrified I’ve ever been of a movie theater. I was five. My parents thought this would be a good family movie, comedy, a little sci-fi, probably rated PG. LILY TOMLIN plays a housewife who, due to exposure to common chemicals, begins to shrink… and shrink.

And then there was the garbage disposal scene. She falls down the garbage disposal, and the housekeeper, who’s supposed to be watching her, doesn’t notice. The housekeeper has on a Walkman and can’t hear the screams. She goes to turn on the switch… and the doorbell rings. My mother relates how I ran screaming out of the theater about then.

It was years before I could even watch TOMLIN do her funny telephone operator shtick again.

Brian Katcher

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12 years ago

Yeah, I remember this film and seeing it as a young one, but I don’t recall getting traumatized…I felt so bad for the family when they thought they lost their mom, but it was all ok in the end. 🙂 Well…sorta. 😉

Caffeinated Joe
12 years ago

Brian – I so get that, too! The whole chaos of the scene, with the loud music, confusion and all just got to me, too! I think it is one of the reasons I can’t stand too much noise and stuff going on at one time! You are NOT alone!

unkle lancifer
12 years ago

I am a life long Concepcion fan. I think she deserves her own movie.

Brian Katcher
10 years ago

My wonderful sister got me the DVD for Christmas. Luckily, she interpreted my screams as cries of joy.