Traumafessions :: Reader CGAussie on Mac & Me

Hey Unkle and Aunt!

Allow me a moment to sing your sites praises. Despite being a yellow bellied Aussie girl, I’ve relived and discovered so much trauma at the hands (sites have hands, right?) of this wonderful page.

I felt it necessary to share with you a trauma I’ve had since I was a wee one. As mentioned above I had a fair few, I was so weak! I didn’t even watch POLTERGEIST until I was 25 (last year). But as for stories from my youth, there is one that sticks out in my mind was a video trailer for the movie length commercial MAC & ME. I didn’t even have to see the movie to be terrified! I don’t even recall what video it was on but there it was, this horribly tiny ugly thing!

This was meant to be good wholesome entertainment?? Not to THIS little black duck! I even recall something about a vacuum cleaner, and being stuck on the ceiling…? I don’t know if that’s another trauma mixing with this one, but the scene of it sent me hitting the fast forward button on my VCR as hard as I could with my eyes shut.

I’ve never seen the movie. Such is the power of MAC & ME. I even faced my fears today in locating a trailer and wow. Does that movie look pathetic (and a rip off!) but still, as states by so many traumafessions before me, it’s amazing what scared us then hardly phases us now.

I’ve got many more traumafessions, but they can wait for another time.

Your fellow sufferer down under,


AUNT JOHN SEZ: CGAussie, if you though the theatrical trailer was a doozy…

… then DO NOT WATCH this one:

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13 years ago

Let’s not forget what Paul Rudd brought up on “Conan O’Brien” once-
Was Jade Calgory really wheelchair bound? Yes he is, with spinal bifida. (sp?) According to IMDB, he’s a photographer. Of course, good to know Christine Ebersole has redeemed herself since then…

unkle lancifer
13 years ago

The scariest part of this movie for me has always been the Mcdonald’s dance number…

13 years ago

I hate hate hate this movie..BUT that McDonald Dance Number is on my YOU TUBES Favorites List- its just dso freakin BIZARRE!

True or not: One of the little girls in that scene is Fergie from THE BLACK EYED PEAS?