Traumafessions :: Reader Denise C. on Tommy

First off, I LOVE this site. It has brought back some long lost memories for me.

I was a child of the early days of cable and was able to watch whatever I wanted. So needless to say I have quite a few traumas to share as the ’70s was a pretty wild era for movies. For now I give you this one.

Let’s see I must have been 7 or 8.

My Trauma?


Just typing the words to this freaky rock opera gives me the chills. I recall the Acid Queen with flashes of a skeleton and snake. The weird uncle and pedophile cousin with the torture tools. ELTON JOHN with super high platforms and the TV vomiting out beans in a white bedroom with ANN MARGARET “bathing” in it yuck!! Just typing this out I feel the need to take a long hot shower. All I can say is this movie made me feel dirty and violated. I may not be spot on in my memories as I REFUSE to watch this ever again.

And yes I have seen THE WALL and loved it.

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unkle lancifer
12 years ago

I gotta back up this traumafession! I saw Tommy at an impressionable age and found it mucho freaky and disturbing, particularly Anne Margrock and her Videodrome baked beans!

12 years ago

1. Tina Turner never does anything nice and easy.
2. Those Rococo outfits her assistants are wearing look like something Kerli would wear…
3. I have a feeling the stage version would be way more normal…cripes, could they replicate a hypodermic iron maiden (Or any of these visuals, for that matter) for the stage?! I did enjoy one of Ken Russell’s earlier efforts, “The Boy Friend”, which borrows a lot from “Merry Melodies” and “Silly Symphonies” in some places…why isn’t that on DVD? But this is just one big WTF movie.
4. Roger Daltry promised he’d clean up after Woodstock and he split…but just now is making up for it (Stick ’til the end of this link and you’ll see what I mean)-

12 years ago

Tommy is awesome!

12 years ago

Keith Moon looked like such a convincing pedophile.

12 years ago

I use to allow my nephew and niece to watch Tommy except for the Uncle Ernie part. Cousin Kevin is pretty disturbing as well.