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Traumafessions :: Reader EA on Wegman’s Sesame Street Spots

December 21st, 2010 by aunt john · 6 Comments

Hey, guys!

Me again…I recently had a child (that is not the trauma) and so my morning routine now involves a lot more SESAME STREET than usual. The “new” shows are usually about 30% new, 70% recycled old segments and bits. Now, I watched SESAME STREET as a child, but somehow I must have blocked out the horror that now greets me and my son almost every morning.


I mean, Wegman‘s still photos are creepy enough, but whoever decided that these freakish human bodies with dog heads needed to A) move and B) speak to each other in the most droning, monotone, serial-killer-on-Laudium voices should be consigned to some level of T.V. hell. Seriously…

I’m shocked that kids aren’t left with a crippling fear of dogs after these things air. Did DAVID LYNCH have an early career in children’s programming I don’t know about?

Yours in trauma,


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10 years ago

Im not sure but I THINK those sgements started showing in the 90s. I say this because I remember them when I babysat my nephew weho is now 22.

I have never cared for those dogs. And Im a dog person! I remember a childhood friend had one and I just never liked him. A few years ago I was walking my chihuahua on a beach and some asshold had his huge ass Weggman dog OFF its leash and it came charging at us. I thgought for sure this beast was gonna eat us both and laugh while it crapped us out.

So yeah. no “Weggman” dogs for me, thanks.

10 years ago

PS: Im aware they are not called “Weggman dogs”. i can never pronounce the name of those big gray dogs. Its like “werr-merr-rhyme-er” or some shit like that.

Joanna Boese
10 years ago

Yeah, I have never liked when people dressed their dogs, but these are just too much. 🙁

Although another Weggman-inspired reference showed up on “Wizards of Waverly Place” where a guy named Mason paints very Weggmanesque portraits of the revolutionary war. And yes, Betsy Ross with a poodle’s head is just one of the weirdest things I’ve seen.

10 years ago

Man I’m having SERIOUS flashbacks about some Hardy Boys spoof with the Wegman dogs……………

10 years ago

In the first house I lived in the neighbors moved and the ones that came in had a cat plus one of the “Wegman” dogs. The cat was a sweetheart. The dog was batsh*t crazy. If they opened their front door while my sister & I were in the front yard the dog would chase us! One time my sister took shelter by going to a neighbor’s house. She opened the screen door & hid behind it! I found another line of defense: The garden house! That dog hated being sprayed! I could never look at these dogs without thinking of that next door terror!