Traumafessions :: Reader Greg V. on Homey the Clown

Hey Kindertrauma team–

I came across your website in a search for the Rag Man of the NUTCRACKER FANTASY movie, and I loved your reader’s treatment of it. Thought I’d contribute a snippet:

As kids growing up on the North Side of Chicago in the early ‘90s, my friends and I were enthralled (that child’s mix of abject terror and insatiable fascination) by stories of a child abductor dressed as Homey the Clown, DAMON WAYANS’ character from IN LIVING COLOR. This was a bona fide news story on local Chicago networks, not just a product of our own twisted imaginations.

The guy apparently drove around in a van and attracted kids to the van, upon which he would abduct them and molest them. This was in the heyday of child abduction scares, STEPHEN KING‘s IT, and only a few decades after John Wayne Gacy in the Chicago area.

Anyway, Homey was reportedly at large in the neighborhood of my grammar school, and so for the better part of a school year (maybe third grade), whenever we’d see a yellow van (I think that was the alleged color of Homey’s ride), we would all rush to the school fence, sometimes with rocks or baseball bats in hand, and start to yell, “Homey, it’s Homey.” Again, who knows the veracity or the extent of the original news item, but it certainly caught our imagination!

NOTE: Last Supper clown painting courtesy of HERE.

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12 years ago

I hate clowns and I hate art. But oddly enough….I REALLY WANT that Last Supper picture!

12 years ago

Krusty! 🙂
Strangely enough, I am in the Chicagoland area, yet I don’t remember about the abductions. 🙁 However, I know there was supposed to be a Homie movie that never materialized…they made the special effects abusing movies “White Chicks” and “Little Man” INSTEAD of “Homie the Clown”?! WTF?

unkle lancifer
12 years ago

No Homie movie but there was a Homie game!!!


12 years ago

Oh geez…I think I’ve seen ads for Britain only releases of “The Young Ones” and “Little Britain” games for PC…which weren’t such a hot idea, either…

12 years ago

The Young WHAAAA?!? (I suppose I shouldn’t freak. I always wanted to see a video game based on “Lupo the Butcher.” )
…Hey, where’s Obnoxio?  One of the few clowns I actually like.