TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Holly on E.T.

This may sound crazy but when I was a little girl I was terrified of E.T. I remember seeing it with my brother and cousins when it first came out. My crying was so bad that we all had to leave the movie. A couple years later at my first sleepover my friend Rachel had a picture of E.T and Michael Jackson on her wall. I did not sleep a wink that night. I just stared at that picture, scared out of my wits. I still have not seen the whole movie and I’m always worried that one of my kids will want to watch it some day.

P.S. The part where E.T. dressed up as a woman scared me the most!

Editor’s note: A tip for folks like Holly who are scared of E.T. in drag, just blur your eyes and PRESTO! It’s America’s sweetheart GOLDIE HAWN!

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aunt john
15 years ago

Looks more like a young Swoosie Kurtz to me.