Traumafessions :: Reader Little Fox on Silkwood

It's not a horror movie. It was a political statement docudrama. The name of the movie was SILKWOOD and the shower scenes... still.... ::shudder::

SO here's what it is. A woman is working in a nuclear facility of some kind. All the workers exit through some sort of radiation detector (I've since seen these at a medical research facility I worked at.) Well, it goes off and she is carried away to a shower room where she is scrubbed raw by what I can only imagine was some sort of Brillo pad on a long stick. The whole time she's screaming her poor little head off.

I hope I'm not the only one who remembers this.... It's freaked me out forever.

UNK SEZ: You are not alone Little Fox! Every time Silky would go through that radiation detector I would grit my teeth! That gal got scrubbed!

NOTE: The SILKWOOD trading card is courtesy of THE AUTOMATIC LIFESTYLE DISPENSER; find more "Improbable movie trading cards" HERE!

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13 years ago

My husband is in the Army and last weekend they had all these "What If THIS Happened?" drills and one of them was what they would do to you if you were contaminated with something. I said "Did they give you SILKWOOD showers?" and he said yes, they did, but since it was only a drill they didnt give them scorching hot showers….but the water was freakin cold, so the experience was STILL was pretty bad.

I dont remember even LIKING this movie, but to this day whenever I say "SILKWOOD shower" it seems everbody knows exactly what im talking about!

13 years ago

Then does the Karen doll dry off in the Easy-Bake Microwave Oven?