Name That Trauma :: Reader Cody on a Faux Final Destination for Women

So, I don’t think this one has been done before, but I could be wrong.

I think this was a T.V. movie – a miniseries actually. I think it aired a lot in reruns on Lifetime. I could be totally wrong here. It may not even be a miniseries. What I remember is that it was probably made-for-T.V.; it probably aired over the course of a couple nights.

The main character was some blond woman who took a vacation and while on vacation almost died. I think by drowning, maybe in a boat with some guy. But since she didn’t die some kind of FINAL DESTINATION stuff happened and she had to face down seven demons or something that were coming to try and claim her soul. One was a boy on a bicycle who appeared in a parking garage, I think.

At the end she thinks it is over but it isn’t – she still has one more to go, and she thought they’d all come. There may be a climax involving a fish tank.

Any help I would appreciate so much!

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! A heaping of bionic thanks to faullguy for pointing us towards the LINDSAY WAGNER tour de force FROM THE DEAD OF NIGHT!

Name That Trauma :: Reader Kathleen on an Animated Sacrifice


I love your site, and am very glad it exists, thank you!

There’s something I’d really, really like to find.

It was an animation and I know it showed on T.V. at least twice sometime in the late eighties to early nineties, in the U.K., but probably elsewhere too.

It looked a bit similar to DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS visually (‘realistic’ human figures), but didn’t have the same feel at all, some of it was really menacing and alien but it was showed during the day, and it had no sense of humour. It had a title a bit like ‘LORDS OF TIME AND SPACE’ or something like that, but I’ve searched and can’t find anything like it so far.

I remember a particular part where there were three young male characters, one was a boy I think and the other two were both young men, one was blonde and one was dark – and these two did not seem to like each other.

They were on some kind of mission and had to get into some place where some weird sacrificial thing was happening (it felt like that anyway). It’s all a bit of a blur, but I think one of the two young guys ends up sacrificing himself for the others (the dark one I think, but I have a feeling it’s because he thought he was going to get something out of it) and there’s a totally weird image where he jumps down into some pit from a platform, and he’s having a nasty shock then on a weird white fleshy orb with white tentacles sticking out of it, and they’re all flailing up around him with all this white, yellowish, hard flashing light.. it was not nice at all! The other two escape and I guess he dies there.

It didn’t seem to relate to anything else on T.V. at the time, a one-off thing.

I really hope someone else remembers this clearly and can name it! I’ll do anything to see that horrible thing again!


Kind regards,


Traumafessions :: Reader EA on Wegman’s Sesame Street Spots

Hey, guys!

Me again…I recently had a child (that is not the trauma) and so my morning routine now involves a lot more SESAME STREET than usual. The “new” shows are usually about 30% new, 70% recycled old segments and bits. Now, I watched SESAME STREET as a child, but somehow I must have blocked out the horror that now greets me and my son almost every morning.


I mean, Wegman‘s still photos are creepy enough, but whoever decided that these freakish human bodies with dog heads needed to A) move and B) speak to each other in the most droning, monotone, serial-killer-on-Laudium voices should be consigned to some level of T.V. hell. Seriously…

I’m shocked that kids aren’t left with a crippling fear of dogs after these things air. Did DAVID LYNCH have an early career in children’s programming I don’t know about?

Yours in trauma,


Name That Trauma :: Reader Elizabeth M. on a Savaged Seaman

I have been trying to find out the title of this film for years – just to make sure I avoid it, it scared me so much; but not in a, “Oooh that gave me the creeps” way, but in a, “Someone just got murdered right in front of me!!!!” kind of way. I always thought it was a version of MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY but from what I’ve managed to glean from Google, it’s not.

I must have been about 10-11, so somewhere between 1979-81 and this film was on T.V. in the UK. At that time we only had three channels in this country, so that narrows it down – I don’t think I’ll forgive the BBC if it was them!

The only scene I remember was the part that traumatised me (I left the room and never returned until much later when I knew the damned thing HAD to be over). Set in the late 17th-early 18th century, with large masted ships, the scene had either (1) A crew rebelling, or (2) pirates attacking; whichever it was a young man in a naval uniform of the time (black tailcoat) and brown hair in a ponytail was hanging by his foot/feet from a rope tied to one of the crossbars from the mast which would hold the sail, and was swung back and forth, quite high and fast, as the other men (or maybe just one man) stabbed him in the chest and he screamed. It was very realistic and completely unexpected, coming as it did on a Saturday afternoon.

Please can someone help me? I know it wasn’t a dream as my nightmares are much more surreal than that!

Kind regards,

Elizabeth M.