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Name That Trauma:: Emma D. on a Bothersome Bee

August 23rd, 2017 · 2 Comments


First off, I love your website! The Name That Trauma section is one of my favorites to browse in my down time. I was an easily traumatized child and searching the depths of the internet for the culprits of my fears has been a long term hobby. However, there’s one vague memory I have of what I believe to be an episode of a TV show (possibly even a show for kids or teens? Disney channel? I swear the intent wasn’t to scare) in which a giant insect, I think it was a bee, is roaming the halls of a high school.

Here’s where my memory gets hazy and weird. I believe it’s possible this trauma was truly a dream because I’ve never found anything online that sounds remotely like what I remember watching. In my memory, the insect was possibly a human who found the head of a costume (or school mascot?) of the bee/insect thrown in a trash can. When they picked it up and put it on, they became the insect and started to fly around the halls. I think the cause of the whole situation and center of the episode was a science experiment gone wrong.

That’s it. That’s all I remember. It deeply bothered me as a child. I always hated bodily transformations as well as costumes/masks changing people, so it really affected me. If anyone has an idea of what this could be, let me know. Even if it’s only slightly similar to my memory. I suppose it’s possible the giant insect was not a human to begin with, and that I’m combining multiple traumas in my head. Again, it’s hazy and could have been a dream, but I’ve been searching for this for years. For time period reference, I’m 20 now and I want to say I was between 5 and 10 when I saw this.

Thanks for your help,

Emma D.

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Name That Trauma:: Dennis A. on B&W Quintuplets

August 14th, 2017 · 1 Comment

It was an old B&W horror about identical quint boys who are about 10yo. 4 of them were adopted out to good families. But at 10 they start getting terrorized and murdered. Turns out it was by the 5th baby. The grandmother comes forward and explains that #5 killed her young daughter so she threw the baby into the ocean to die.

Can you name this movie? My friend told me she has looked for the name for years!

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Name That Trauma:: Maria M. on a Shocking Cartoon

August 9th, 2017 · 9 Comments

Hello. I am from Spain and I just discovered you. I was looking up the hot sauce scene from SpongeBob and found a trauma confession about it. I do not believe people got scared about it. I thought it was funny.

However there was something I was scared about when I was a little girl. I do not remember which cartoon it was in.

It was the early 1990’s and I was on a vacation to America with my parents. We stayed at hotel in Massachusetts and I wanted to watch cartoons. So I turned on Nickelodeon. At the time, I believe it was America only.

They were showing a cartoon about a cute animal with cute voice but I did not understand a lot of it because it was all in English. The episode I watched had him trying not to touch a button. As time passes, he can not take it any more and touches it. At first nothing happened but then he had his eyes closed and opened them to reveal hideous red spiral eyes. Accompanying it was noise that sounded like a burst of electricity if someone interpreted it on synthesizer.

When I saw his eyes, I screamed and turned the channel. I did not have nightmares but I remember thinking Massachusetts was little creepy for the rest of the stay. I also felt very sad for the poor animal because he looked very cute and I wondered what kind of person would do that thing to him. I’m 29 now and I hope it won’t be that scary as I remember it to be.

-Maria M.

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Name That Trauma:: Bridget N. on a Creepy Cult

August 3rd, 2017 · 7 Comments

Hi! My brother and I have been trying to search for an older movie that scared the crap out of us when we were children. We both remember it might have been made anytime between the 70’s to the early 90’s. It was about two guys travelling by bus in a foreign country and they get stranded in a small poor village. All the villagers are devil worshippers and the two guys witness a sacrifice and ritual one night and are terrified. One of them, we think, was captured and tortured. That is all we remember, but we would really like to find out what that movie may be! Any ideas?? *Note this movie is NOT Race With the Devil or Midnight.

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Name That Trauma:: Rob M. on a 3-D Jewel Thief

June 27th, 2017 · 4 Comments

It’s an early 80’s film (between 1981-1984). The film is essentially a one man show. I think it was originally in 3D. It’s a low budget sci-fi flick. The protagonist is a thief of sorts. He’s trying to steal a gem or gems from a church that has large number of booby traps. The entire movie is him navigating a series of traps to reach the alter where the jewel[s] are. I think he ultimately gets killed in the end. I’ve been searching for the title to this flick for a long time.

UNK SEZ: Hey, Rob! Not every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly but so much of what you described sounds like THE TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS from 1983. I wrote a review about the movie way back HERE, you can watch a trailer HERE and check out the incredible head-spinning scene below! Let us know if we caught the appropriate culprit!

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Name That Trauma:: Reader Lorraine: on a Lady Running Around Screaming While Burning Alive

May 27th, 2017 · 2 Comments

This has been driving me nuts. It’s been practically forever, and I still cannot find what movie this scene was from. It’s the only scene I remember from the movie. I don’t remember being scared to the point of crying or running to one of my parents, but it did deeply disturb me. It’s one of those things that gives you a weird, uncomfortable feeling in your chest, you know?

I was born in ’94 and saw this as a little kid. I want to say that I saw it on TV. With that in mind, I know that the movie can’t be any more recent than the 90s. In the scene, a building is burning. Outside the building a woman is running around screaming as she burns alive. A kid is watching this all unfold from a car, very nonchalantly and uncaring, too. If I remember correctly, an adult, a woman I think, joins the kid in the car. I think this scene took place at the very end of the movie.

Can anybody tell me what movie this is? Thanks!

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Name That Trauma:: OnlyChild1213 on Missing Faces, Materializing Eyes and a Mad Drug Boss

May 17th, 2017 · 5 Comments

Hello All, it’s been entirely too long! Follower for – I can barely believe it – SEVEN years now, and I still wear my fantabulous white-with-green-trim Kindertrauma clown t-shirt proudly.

Three quick hits for you today, that have surfaced to haunt me here and there over the years:

1) Episode of what I’ve always thought was Macgyver, but now I’m doubting that, where I think there is an ongoing search for a missing girl, and there’s a painting of the girl and/or multiple photos of the girl that have the face cut out, and the perpetrator has all the missing faces or something.

2) Episode of, I think, the reboot of Outer Limits where there’s a TV that’s off but a set of female eyes and possibly lips that materialize in the dead TV screen.

Hmm… interesting that both of those have a female face or face-parts theme…

And now to completely veer away from that theme…

3) Gangster movie I saw my granddad watching one afternoon in the late eighties or early nineties (he’d sometimes watch a lot of Chuck Bronson and other vintage violent action stuff without enough regard for a little girl hanging around) and I think a drug boss or something was mad at his lackey and forced him to eat like a whole bag of cocaine (more gritty realistic suffering than horror, but still chilled tiny me).

Thanks! I love y’all!!


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Name That Trauma:: Ariel K. on Overgrown Brows

May 13th, 2017 · 6 Comments


I’m told you may be able to help me…

Do you know the name of this movie? I think it’s a one-word title beginning with “D”. 50’s, 60’s or 70’s b/w. About radioactive waste off the coast somewhere in the British Isles. Possibly sunken in barrels. The people in the village get overgrown brows, and their fingers possibly begin to fuse. Babies born with defects. Some outside agency tries to convince them it’s radiation but they’re too superstitious to believe it? I think? I saw this at age eleven and it’s haunted me since. It’s not “The Giant Behemoth“. Does it sound familiar at all? I developed a habit of brushing my fingers across my brow, just to check that it hadn’t “grown over”. Thirty-six years later, and I still do this.


UNK SEZ: Hey, I think I know this one! We had it at the video store I worked at and it happened to have a very unusual VHS box with its poster art image going sideways. I do believe you are looking for DOOMWATCH (1972). Check out its wikipedia page HERE and the trailer below and let us know if we got it right. Thanks for writing in (and the great description), Ariel!

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Name That Trauma:: Maggie L. on Tongue Tied Teenagers

May 1st, 2017 · 2 Comments

Hi at Kindertrauma-

I watched these movies when I was little but turned off the TV and walked away immediately after these scenes. I watched these on basic cable in the early 90s…

-two teenagers making out in the hospital and their tongues become attached

-possessed girl gets needle from under bed and pushes in little brothers belly button while sleeping

-haunted painting of graveyard changes as the story unfolds old man comes out of grave and later on is buried again? Paintings are on a wall along a staircase. Might be from the 50s… or 70s…?

Thank you! : )


UNK SEZ: Thanks for writing in, Maggie! I may be able to help you with that last one! A haunted painting of a a graveyard that changes sounds a lot like the pilot episode of NIGHT GALLERY entitled “Cemetery” starring RODDY McDOWALL. You can read a classic traumafession of that very episode HERE and watch the episode itself right around HERE. As for your other two NTT’s, I’m hoping one of our knowledgeable readers can help!

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Name That Trauma:: Solved!

April 26th, 2017 · No Comments


Some time back (HERE) I asked for help remembering the name of a creepy live action movie where a St. Bernard dreams of being chased by a man dressed as a terrifying skiing cat. Turns out it was called Fantasy on Skis, a 1962 film that later showed up on Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color TV show. After a little research, I think I saw it in the theaters in 1975, when they rereleased Snow White. It served as a short subject before the main film. Watching the rest of the film provides PLENTY of other nightmare fuel…on skis! A scarecrow chases a pair of crows, cowboys (skiers wearing horse costumes around their waists) have a gunfight, Captain Hook chases Peter Pan…it’s amazing. The cat part though IS especially terrifying, and starts at about the 24:50 mark (HERE).

Thanks to Dan S.—who had similar childhood memories of the film and managed to find the above link—for tipping me off!

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