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Name That Trauma:: David A. on a Giant Raggedy Anne Doll

February 9th, 2017 · 1 Comment

Dear fine folks at Kindertrauma,

I’m hoping you can help me with a memory that has plagued me most of my adult life. Before I started elementary school in the very early eighties (had to be 1981 or 82) and became a slasher freak at far too young of an age (thanks to the advent of cable and my hesher older brother), one memory of freakiness remains lodged in noggin.

My beautiful Mom, like most homemakers, was a total die-hard soaps freak and because there was nothing else for me to do at the time, so was I. I remember being vaguely caught up in the various plots of Days of Our Lives, Another World and the Young and the Restless. On one of these or possibly another I am forgetting, there seemed to be some sort of inheritance scheme involving a young woman with questionable mental stability. Someone somewhere was trying to drive her crazy and it seemed to be to get at her fortune (or possibly her man…I was about 4 yrs old, after all). The way they were doing this was by dressing up in a giant Raggedy Ann costume and tormenting her when she was alone. I seem to remember creepy music box-type music and that the camera would get this sort of hazy/psychedelic/fish-eye lens effect to symbolize her broken mental state. It seemed to stem from some kind of childhood trauma having to do with Raggedy Ann which scared the lady (and me too!).

In any case, this always stuck out to me as a brief moment of horror creeping into Mom’s soaps and I, for the life of me, have never been able to figure out what I saw or met anyone else that knows what I am talking about. Does this ring a bell with any of your readers? If so, do they know what soap or what the hell was going on? Or should I doubt my own mental state? In any case, if I start to see any giant Raggedy Ann dolls showing up around the house, I’ll let you know…

UNK SEZ: Yikes, I think I found your trauma, David! Apparently the soap in question was ANOTHER WORLD circa 1982. If you check out the video below (around the 4:40 mark), you’ll get a glimpse of the tormenting doll costume! From what I could gather, a character named Alma Rudder donned the garb to drive a lady named Blaine insane (At the beginning of THIS episode, Blaine discusses the nightmarish encounter with her shrink). Thanks for sharing this David, I can see why this freaked you out as a kid!

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Name That Trauma:: Kelly M. on a Possessed Hamburger

February 4th, 2017 · 6 Comments

Hey! First of all – love your blog! It’s so comprehensive, plus funny – it’s amazing 😀

Down to brass tacks – I vaguely remember watching a movie on TV maybe 7 or 8 years ago which still nags at me sometimes. I believe it was a horror movie – here are the details I remember:

* Youngish guy working at a burger joint late at night.

*A burger he’s making is sitting on the counter when lighting strikes the building and happens to be directed to the burger.

*It proceeds to come to life and psychologically manipulate the young man into taking over the world, used either CG or claymation that was very eerie.

Thanks for your work!

Thanks for your kind words, Kelly! Aunt John, our resident BETTER OFF DEAD-fanatic, is emphatically certain that you are talking about SAVAGE STEVE HOLLAND‘s kooky off-kilter classic BETTER OFF DEAD (1985) and I’m inclined to agree. As much as I wish we lived in a world with many a possessed hamburger movie to choose from, I’m sad to say we probably don’t. Check out the scene below and let us know!

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Name That Trauma:: Dan C. on a Creepy Fireplace Vision

February 2nd, 2017 · 2 Comments

Been checking your site out for a while now and it’s astounding! Going so deep into this stuff brought out an early childhood memory that I had forgotten about, prob cuz I obsessed over finding all my other kindertrauma’s years ago and found em all! So asking this as a serious long shot, cuz the scene I will describe to you was on a soap opera, and considering this had to be 1980-1982…well I just can’t imagine it exists anywhere or sticks out in anyone’s memory.

But here it is, an older man in his older man den is sitting down drinking (probably brandy or whatever) and staring longingly into the roaring fireplace. Superimposed on the fireplace is the image of little girl on a swing, laughing. This was obv supposed to be some memory that has brought upon a mournful feeling in the guy. I don’t know if she was dead, missing, or what, but it creeped me out like crazy! I think I remember this was right before an add break and I remember hearing either “Nadia’s theme” from Young and the Restless, or something like it, adding to the creepy factor. But it could have been another soap. I was only like 4 years old, so this is very foggy in the detail department. I’ve looked at some soap fan sites to see if I could find something in the plot lines of those years to match, but with no luck. Maybe? Somebody out there? Anybody?

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Name That Trauma:: Johnnie W. on an Eyeball and an Awful Orphanage

January 14th, 2017 · 4 Comments

Hello Uncle Lancifer,

Love your site.

I’ve had this film in my mind since I was traumatized by it as a child in the late 1970s. I’m hoping you can help me find its title, if you please.Here are some details (the first 3 which may be conflated/misremembered/wrong).

1. Opening credits/title zooms in/pans out to a plowed row to reveal an eyeball with a worm/maggot nearby

2. Plot revolves around farmhouse with a (surrogate? foster? orphanage?) family that murders children and eats them.

3. The movie was made before 1980, as I believe I saw it on Bob Wilkins’ “Creature Features” in the late 1970s.

4. The film is not Philip S. Gilbert’s “Blood and Lace” (1971).

Thank you for considering helping me find this title.

UNK SEZ: Curses! I was just about to say BLOOD AND LACE (How I love that one HERE). Maybe our knowledgeable readers know the answer?!

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Name That Trauma:: Vincent T. on White-Haired Humanoid Cavern Dwellers

December 28th, 2016 · 2 Comments

Hi Kinder!

Maybe you can help me! I’m looking for a movie I saw 25 years ago and I can’t remember the name. Here is the story I remember: a couple of adventurers (speleologists, I think) go into some caverns where they discover humanoid inhabitants. These people have all white hair and skin. As I remember, they don’t speak (maybe a few do) and they use their mouth sounds to kill or whatever. I remember also that they use a slingshot to kill… I think that at the beginning of the story they are friendly but became angry for some reason, I forget… Plz help me. I’ve been looking for this movie for ages and can’t find it on the net … bleedy holidays to you!

Vincent T.

UNK SEZ: I asked Vincent if it could be THE TIME MACHINE (1960) based on the white creatures but he said the movie must be from the 1980s. After a little more searching I found somebody else looking for a similarly described film and the correct answer turned out to be WHAT WAITS BELOW (1984)! How have I missed this movie all of these years? It stars ROBERT (ASYLUM) POWELL and the great LISA (DEAD AND BURIED) BLOUNT! Hey, it’s on YouTube! While I wait to hear from Vincent, let’s check it out below!

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Name That Trauma:: Vlad from Ghoul A Go-Go on a Fearsome Phone Call

December 17th, 2016 · 5 Comments


Vlad here, from Ghoul A Go-Go,

When I was around 7, I caught this movie, probably on channel 9(NY). 40 years later I’m still asking people for help in identifying it.The scene that stuck with me (and has even made its way into my dreams) is of a woman answering the telephone. The phone is on a small table, possibly in a hallway. A look of fear comes across the woman’s face as we hear a creepy whispering voice from the telephone repeat a few words: house, doll, ball, lamb…. Then we see what’s disturbing the lady. On the boarder of the table are decals of what the voice is naming: a house, a doll, etc… Those may not be the exact words/pictures but that’s the idea. The only other clue I have is that I would say it had the look and colors of a British production, late 60s early 70s. Probably not Hammer though.

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Name That Trauma:: Tomb on a Creepy Masked Public Access Couple

December 5th, 2016 · No Comments

This might have been shown West coast/California. Public access show early 90’s Produced in Southern California, but shown on my local San Francisco public access.

This couple inside a home would wear these muppet style masks and, for example, reminisce about the 60’s. They’d be talking then it would cut to an exterior shot of them dancing in slow-motion to “Groovy Kind Of Love” still in masks …… yiiiihhh

Mind you, I think they were trying to be funny; they’d put on these weird, twerpy cartoon voices. It didn’t work. It just had that unintentional (or maybe intentional) creepiness.

It was like New Zoo Review meets Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman meets VIDEODROME.

The title of the show had a weird name muffkins? mushies?mooshies? I’m not making this up, it happened… like a giant millipede crawling on your face


UNK SEZ: Stop the presses! This NTT has been solved by TOMB himself! Check out Tomb’s trauma (UNWIND WITH THE SWEETIES) in the video below (at around 12:25) …if you dare.

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Name That Trauma:: Becca M. on a Crazed Cuckoo Clock Creature

October 27th, 2016 · 4 Comments

I was watching a movie or TV show when I was young (behind the couch because my parents didn’t know I was watching). I am dying to know what it is and cannot find it anywhere! Two red eyes were glowing in the middle of a cuckoo clock. A red imp/demon/thing comes out of it and stands next to a teddy bear. It grew claws and its eyes started growing red as well. I believe there is also a baby lying on the bed watching it all happen. It’s not cat eyes (although really similar cinematography) and I don’t believe it’s the pit because I can’t find that scene. I can’t find any record of it!

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Name That Trauma: Nathan B. on Dead Truckers and a Devil Monster

October 24th, 2016 · 2 Comments

Hey there! I’m on the hunt for a horror film that no one can seem to remember. A friend of mine pointed me in your direction to see if you could help me solve this mystery. I can give you what I remember which isn’t much but if you can’t help me, I’m gonna say it’s just a strange nightmare that’s stuck with me for 20 years for one reason or another.

So here’s what I remember from it, there’s a scene in a motel where a group of truckers are murdered and a girl discovers them. One of the guys is left with antlers put through his head. There’s another scene where a girl and a guy are walking down a dungeon-like corridor and hundreds of hands start grabbing at them. And the 3rd scene I remember has a weird red and pink room with a devil/LEGEND-esque monster standing in the center of it. Other than that it’s only blips of images and little things that are vague. I saw it once after school on SHOWTIME and I think it was made in the late 80’s, possible early 90’s but no later.

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Name That Sunday Streaming :: Mind Killer (1987)

October 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

Email from Babydudeish: I’m trying to figure out the name of a movie from the ’80s where a college student’s brain keeps enlarging and so does his head. There’s a scene where he is chased in a library.

Reply from UNK: I know that one! That’s MIND KILLER! It’s from the same kooky director as that NIGHT VISION flick we checked out back HERE!

Conformation from Babydudeish: Yes! That was it! Phew. Thank you. It’s been bothering me for over a week. Haha.

UNK SEZ: Hey, MIND KILLER is on YouTube! Let’s say we turn this Name THAT TRAUMA into a SUNDAY STREAMING post!

The Entire Planet: Yay!!!

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