Sunday Viewing:: The Mutilator (1985)

We just don’t talk enough about 1985’s THE MUTILATOR around here! Sure it’s shown up in a Funhouse or an IAHTKY or two but THE MUTILATOR demands more! It’s my fault I guess. It’s just that this movie tends to bring up unpleasant memories of the time when I was a kid and I thought I’d clean my dad’s rifle as a birthday surprise and I instead (accidently!) shot and killed my mother who was decorating a cake in the other room. Boy did I get in trouble that day! But you know, I’m over it now. The past is the past! Today is what matters and I just want to enjoy my fall break and watch THE MUTILATOR!

Only about two people in this movie can act and I’m generously doubling the harsh reality that only one can. You should also be warned that if you like it when the information that goes inside your head makes sense, this movie will hurt you.
Highfalutin folks can criticize THE MUTILATOR ‘til the cows come home but around these parts, the only thing that matters is entertainment value and trauma value and THE MUTILATOR has both. This movie is knee slapping hilarious one second and I must say, strangely disturbing the next. Nothing that takes place seems real but that doesn’t mean that I don’t find myself worried about the psychological health of the person who came up with it. Also has anyone ever put a garage to better use in a horror film? Hmmm, maybe in SCREAM but that would be years later.

THE MUTILATOR may be profoundly lacking on the surface (and truth be told unwatchable for many) and yet somewhere in its murky crevices strongly beats the heart of genuine horror. Hollywood can throw as much money as it wants at a project, nothing beats the power of one possibly insane but obviously sincere creative mind. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this movie is as dumb as a lamp post but a surprisingly vicious lamp post with a really awesome decapitation scene up its sleeve. Not that lamp posts have sleeves. Speaking of lamp posts, this movie is way too dark! Can someone please for the love of God put it on DVD so that I might be able to see what’s going on when the kids are playing “blind man’s bluff”? Until such a glorious day arrives, we must warm our hands at the dwindling YouTube flame. Watch it by noon, by 5, by midnight. Bye bye.

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8 years ago

My only sort of ‘interesting’ THE MUTILATOR story is I got it in eBay lot of used VHS tapes I bought and out if the 50 tapes I got I kept the really good ones and sold the rest.
THE MUTILATOR was in ‘the rest’ pile.

But heres whats ‘funny’. The person who ended up buying the tape from me on eBay? WAS ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAD BEEN IN THE MOVIE!!! LOL LOL LOL

Now, over ten years later…I sort of wanna watch it again just to see if its as bad/goofy as I remember.

8 years ago

This one brings me back. Something about it really appealed to fourteen year old me. Maybe it was the wonderfully bad “Fall Break” song? The world may never know. All I know is that I rented it at LEAST five times from my local ma and pop video store.

mountain twin
mountain twin(@flattop)
8 years ago

There is some weird perfect storm thing happening with The Mutilator. From set-up to execution(s).
It’s almost like the horror movie the teens would be watching in a horror movie.
The kills are incredibly violent, especially when pinned against the Scooby Doo-ish backdrop.
Love this film. Great review.

8 years ago

What struck me about The Mutilator was how easily everyone’s limbs come off.

8 years ago

I LOVE The Mutilator; it’s tied with Silent Night Bloody Night at the top of my “somebody please put this on a remastered blu-ray” wish list. But just out of curiosity, which one of those adorable bozos do you think could act? I always felt Ralph was the least wooden of the bunch, myself.