Traumafession:: Mike R. On a Disturbing Hunger Project Commercial

Aha! I finally found it! Picture yourself a kid in the 1980’s. You are watching The Brady Bunch or an old horror or Sci-fi movie. Then, it goes to a commercial break. And after a Fruity Pebbles and record store commercial comes THIS.

It scared the hell out of me at first sight. And not only do you begin to see this commercial all the time; you don’t know when and if it will show up in a commercial break thereafter.

I began to fear commercial breaks. They showed it on Saturday morning TV, afternoon movies, Star Trek reruns. I had nightmares about this gaunt kid coming after me.  I would turn away from the TV on commercial breaks and fear the stab of creepy music. 

Mike R.

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2 years ago

The link has some extraneous percentage signs that might give folks problems. Here’s the link without them:

The video quality of this old seat belt PSA is pretty much garbage, but it traum’d me when I was a wee lad; the weird sound effect for the transitions would trigger a response in me once I was finally old enough to watch The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

2 years ago

And of course I almost immediately after posting find it in better quality:

2 years ago

Hey Thanks for the link, Grokenstein. The original was not working for me and you saved me some hassle.

Boy that ad was grim! At least it went from skinny and starved to healthy and not the other way around.

Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers(@mego73hotmail)
2 years ago

Thanks for for the creepy additions, everyone. I remember this one the most since I got blindsided by it so much during the most lighthearted and cheerful fare