Traumafessions :: Reader Ericka on The X-Files & Comic Books

Growing up in upstate NY, there was very little to do so my father would watch horror movies late at night. Well one night my parents were painting their bedroom (mind you I was probably really young at the time) and while mom was off watching THE CLIENT in the living room, dad was watching THE X-FILES in my room. “Do you promise not to be scared?” he asked. Me being young and gullible, I agreed to watch it with him. It was the episode with the Flukeman and all it took was 10 minutes into that episode for me to go screaming for my mother. I’m not really sure what it was that scared me but to this day I haven’t watched the episode.

I however continued to be terrified and even got into the old comic books my father had from his youth. The one series that scared me the most, I don’t remember the name (it was from the ’60s/’70s) but the gist of the series was that it was twists on things you wouldn’t normally be scared of led by a story teller witch that really reminded me of the crypt keeper. One such story has always stood with me where a kid is dying and the grandfather spends the whole story trying to keep death out only to fail at the end. I think he dies instead but that part’s fuzzy. Another one was about a killer Easter bunny who dipped the children in chocolate and then ate them. Real messed up stuff. It’s driving me mad that I don’t remember what this series is called!

UNK SEZ: Ericka, thanks for the great traumafession. I’m a big fan of the episode “The Host” from the second season of THE X-FILES as well. It’s one of the most disturbing (and sometimes nauseating) of the series. As far as that comic goes, I’m not familiar but an exceptional place to do some archaeological digging for it would be THE HORRORS OF IT ALL. Even if you don’t find exactly the comic you’re looking for, you are sure to find something equally good or maybe even better.

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ms scrappy
ms scrappy
14 years ago

Hi Ericka! I have that comic! It had a man sized humaniod rabbit with a red bow tie(and yellow dots?) Who dipped a brother and sister in chocolate and bit off their heads! The rabbit saw this as fitting punishment for them eating chocolate rabbits. I can’t remember the name of the comic either, maybe Vault of Something or Tales of Whatever. I’m pretty sure I still have it. It’s probably in my comic boxes in the least scariest place to a child….under my bed of course. Give me a couple of days and hopefully I can tell you the name. Cheers.

unkle lancifer
14 years ago

ms scrappy, you rule!!!!