Traumafessions :: Reader Raven on Mad Scientist Toys

I thought you might be interested in some of the freakiest toys I ever owned as a kid.

This one is the Mad Scientist Dissect-An-Alien playset.

And this one is the mother of them all: The Mad Scientist Monster Lab, where the whole purpose is to construct alien/monster skeletons that you covered with fake “monster flesh,” only to torture your creation by dipping him in a “pit of acid” where the flesh would dissolve and you’d be left with just the skeleton again.

While I LOVED this toy, I was absolutely terrified of the “Powdered Monster Flesh Remover” for fear of it dissolving my own skin. Obviously it couldn’t, but it even gave me nightmares about my pet cats somehow finding their way into it.

UNK SEZ: Raven, I remember these! I didn’t have them but I remember the commercials on T.V.! At the end of the television advert, a giant cartoon hand would come out and stamp all that proceeded as “TOO GROSS!” Thanks for sharing these great toys with us and as much as WE LOVE ALL Traumafessions, yours especially rules because it concerns the fate of your feline pals! (Did we ever mention Kindertrauma Castle is over run with cats?)

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13 years ago

I still have my Monster Lab in the garage!  I should see if any of the goop is still viable.  My son is too young for it though…  That was one of those toys obviously dreamed up by a truly creative and knowledgeable toy designer and not just some schmuck in a suit saying, “let’s re-dress G.I.Joe for a different mission and grab another 12 bucks a pop.” Obviously, someone loved the ending to the original GODZILLA enough to bring that same thrill to all us kids!

Drew Bludd
Drew Bludd
10 years ago

Is the kid on the left the kid from “Return Of The Living Dead II” ? ?