Traumafessions :: Reader Nat on the VHS Cover of Fright Night

The cover of the VHS for the movie FRIGHT NIGHT still sticks in my brain to this day as one of the scariest things ever to have existed ever. I’ve always been a horror movie fan, even as a little kid, and whenever we went to go rent movies, that aisle was always my first destination. But for some reason, the cover of FRIGHT NIGHT would stick out like this unwatchable terror: that swirling, foreboding cloud forming into a demonic face above a suburban house. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ, where we had like 5 storms a year, and the storms we did have were usually intense. So every time the sky would get dark and clouds would gather, the image of that ethereal monster face forming over my house was literally enough to send me running home in abject panic, no matter where I was or what I was doing. Needless to say, when I finally watched the movie as an adult, I was disappointed.

UNK SEZ: I remember the first time I saw that poster art for FRIGHT NIGHT on the soundtrack in a record shop. I knew I had to see that movie A.S.A.P. For some reason they eventually changed the VHS art to just a lone picture of a vamp, a real step down. And although the U.K.’s release of the sequel sported a cool take on the same cloud-ghoul hovering over an apartment building, for some reason in the states we got the lesser sexy vamp in a white cover. Even the campaign for 1988’s RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 2 knew a good thing when it saw it. That scream-y face cloud is either an homage or a direct rip off (maybe the same artist?) In any case, it rocks it just as hard.

If you think about it though, using overpowering skies to establish a mood of bigger forces at play and man’s relative puny nature is nothing new. Just look at what these two kooky weirdo artists did…

UPDATE: Yikes! Here are some “real-life” scary cloud faces!!!

NOTE: Besides being an excellent trauma-confesser (remember Maneater?) Nat is a veritable renaissance man. If you would like to hire, stalk or oggle him in his natural habitat he can be located HERE.

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13 years ago

Fright Night along with The Lost Boys is my favorite vampire movies of the 80’s. I attempted to see this movie at the theater twice first I couldn’t get in because my best friend didn’t look old enough so we had to see Peewee’s Big Adventure instead and then my older sister was going to take me but changed her mind at the last minute to see Back to the Future. Therefore, I had to wait until it was released on video. It has just the right amount of chills and humor in my humble opinion. In addition, you can’t beat Chris Sarandon when it comes to being a sexy vampire. I could watch the club scene a thousand times. Okay, I confess, I did watch the club scene about a thousand times. Regarding the creepy, cool cover, my niece use to stare at that cover every time she came to visit. I think it scared her.

13 years ago

If you think this cover is frightening, you best not look at some of the poster art for films Stephen Geoffreys (“Evil” Ed Thompson in Fright Night) went on to star in.  Maybe these titles will give you an inkling (and serve as warning to steer clear): Mechanics bi Day, Lube Job bi Night; Butt Blazer; Uncut Glory and Leather Buddies.

13 years ago

A few years ago, I looked at Fright Night on and decided to see what “Evil” Ed had been up to since 976-Evil. Needless to say, that I was disturbed by what I found. Yikes!

13 years ago

This was officially the first Horror movie I saw in a theter. I think I was about 13. It didnt scare me AT ALL in the theater….and then….that night when I went to bed ….I was shitting in my pants with FEAR! Hahaha. Watching it now it STILL holds up as a good movie. Like someone else said enough scares balanced with some good humor – so pretty close to a Perfect 10 (and Chris Sarandon? ME-OW!)

Like someone else on here I too got curious about the whereabouts of Stephen Geoffreys after not seeing him since FRIGHT NIGHT, HEAVEN HELP US And the lesser FRATERNITY VACATION……I was surprised (and not pleasantly surprised either mind you) to find he was making Man Porn! Can hardly imagine someone I’d want to see in a Porn LESS!!!!!

* By the way, was everyone who starred in this flick gay, lesbian or bi or am i just imaginging things???? 

aunt john
13 years ago

Personally, I thought his performance in Latin Crotch Rockets was touching. Heavy emphasis on the word touching! (Can I get a rimshot?… Wait… No… Well these are the jokes folks, I will be here all week… be sure to tip your waitress!)

12 years ago

Oh, man, I totally forgot about that RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 2 poster. I think they combined in my head to form one big cumulus of death. 

Thanks for the website shout-out, too! I can’t say enough good things about you guys. I have a deadline for a new play (about zombies, no less), and I’ve spent what could be a lot of quality writing time enjoying the crap outta this site. So thank you. And damn you.